Slow Craft (or at least my experience of it)

I do NOT do things quickly by nature. It’s not really intentional and to be honest at times it’s been quite a hindrance. It’s hard for me to make decisions (even tiny ones) and new things often scare me. But i’ve started to realize that the slower, methodical manner in which I tend to approach projects, art, life, simple errands….. Is actually (in its own way) a small act of rebellion. An effort of social resistance in a world that pinches and shoves and hurries our lives along at an impossible pace…. And often times just leaving us numb.

But we are still here. We can still hold onto our humanness. We are allowed to feel something soft. We are allowed to take a breath and build something meaningful….. And with our own hands if necessary.

Years ago I found a folded up note in a grocery store parking lot. It was some kind of hand written list or poem that somebody had dropped. Most of it was illegible….. But the last line…. I still remember. It read:

“This moment is not a distraction “.

I like that.

This moment matters. What we do and how we do it and how it makes us feel Matters.

We matter. What we are creating matters. The stories that we are writing matter. And what we will eventually leave behind matters as well.

So let’s get to work. Let’s build something good. This can work.


Bread & Puppet block print