Road Dogs

I picked this baby up almost 10 years ago....this October. I've carried her around with me for so long. I packed her up and carried her on my back while I tramped  around the U.S....For years. She traveled with me to the blueberry harvest fields of Maine. To the vineyard harvest fields of the Arizona Verde Valley. To an art farm in Vermont. To the wild boroughs of NYC. To an apple tree farm in high desert New Mexico. To the mossy ageless forests of northern California and the PNW. And then back to Appalachia. So many incredible moments.... I'm at a loss of how to emotionally catalogue and honor them all. Carrying her with me became a ritual. (And the awareness of the immense privilege that I'm granted by simply being able to acquire her is definitely not lost on me either #nohumanisillegal ). I've covered this land by car, plane, train, foot and alot of greyhound buses. She's crossed the country with me 14 times in 6 years.....but I have never actually used her. Until now. In the "11th hour" and in the last few months before she expires later this year..... We're taking another trip. We're gonna drive down the golden Mediterranean coast and take a long deep breath. What a decade we've had together. We fly this Thursday.

Spain... we're coming for you.